«Loud and Strong»

About the Album (deutsch)

The new album from Dead Born Vision, «Moving Through», is a natural progression from their previous two EPs, «Dead Born Vision» (2018) and «Reborn to Reign» (2022). With revamped songwriting, the songs have been refined to their best versions yet. Alongside the straightforward Death/Thrash Metal sound, the subtle lyrics invite deep reflection. The cover features the Dead Born Vision mascot, «Helvetor», symbolizing the idea of breaking through one's own barriers, as people are often trapped in their own perspectives.

About the Single «Loud and Strong» (deutsch)

«Loud and Strong»! The name says it all: with their first single, the heavy metal band really goes all out again, celebrating the feeling of togetherness. A feeling that immediately resonates with listeners of the upcoming new album «Moving Through». Fast, loud, strong, driving. This is how Dead Born Vision captivates their audience.

About the Ban (deutsch)

DEAD BORN VISION was founded in Basel in 2017. Their style is a mix of groovy "old-school" Death/Thrash Metal. Line-up: Vocals: David Ackermann; Guitar: Nicole Ackermann; Guitar: Stefan Hunter; Bass: Tom Brutschin; Drums: Stefan Buchser.

Release Plan

  • RELEASE – Single «Loud and Strong»

    Thursday, 20th June 2024

  • RELEASE – Single «Religion»

    Thursday, 2nd August 2024

  • RELEASE –Album «Moving Through»

    Thursday, 5th September 2024